Yoga is a Sanskrit term that means union or joining. Yoga is a physical practice developed in India more than 6,000 years ago that is designed to facilitate concentration and meditation by quieting the body and mind.


Yoga offers many benefits- physical, mental and spiritual. It can be:
  • a physical fitness program, building flexibility, strength and balance.
  • a way to improve breathing and learn relaxation.
  • a moving meditation.
  • a philosophy of life.


Yoga is not a religion; it is a system that has spiritual intentions. Some of the key principles of yoga include: being compassionate towards all living beings (especially yourself!!), being committed to truth, cultivating self knowledge and self awareness, and practicing acceptance. The practice of yoga can support you in becoming closer with your own spiritual beliefs, whatever they may be.


Our classes last 60- 75 minutes. Please try to arive five minutes early so you can get settled and we can begin on time. We start with a quiet centering before moving on to the physical practice.  During the practice, please speak up if you have a question or comment!! This is where we vary a bit from other yoga classes. The instructor may come to your mat to offer hands on adjustments, please let us know before class if you would rather not receive them. Class will end with Savasana, a quiet time spent lying down. This is one of the most important parts of a yoga practice, however, if you need to leave early, this would be a good time. If you are leaving, do so as we are settling into Savasana, so as to not disrupt the other students.
Please Bring:
  1. An open mind
  2. A sticky mat
  3. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in.
  4. A bottle of water (sealable)
  5. Your sense of humor
  6. An empty stomach. Eating 2-4 hours before class can cause you discomfort as we move through the postures.

We have extra mats, blocks and straps. You can purchase or borrow an eye pillow from your instructor. For safety and hygiene, it is recommended to have your own mat and eye pillow.

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New to yoga? Notable yoga experts offer these 5 tips.

  1. "Along with your yoga mat and your towel, bring a sense of humor to class. Students who get hung up on doing everything 'perfectly' are less likely to come back."
    --Seane Corn, creator of the Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD series and national yoga ambassador for YouthAIDS
  2. "Don't force your way into yoga. Adapt your movements to accommodate your level of strength and stamina, so that you avoid injury and feel comfortable in every pose."
    --Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
  3. "Watch out for what I call 'self mutilation' -- spending your time talking to yourself about what you can't do. This will make your practice dismal. The more you stay connected to feeling the pose -- to breathing into the pose -- the better your experience will be."
    --Ana Forrest, founder of Forrest Yoga
  4. "To jump-start your practice, go on a yoga retreat. By temporarily shelving all the distractions in your normal life, you'll learn enough in just two or three days to make a big difference in your weekly yoga class experience."
    --Richard Faulds, former president of Kripalu
  5. "When you get to class, keep an open mind. Tune in to your own infinite possibilities. And drink water."
    --Guruatma Singh Khalsa, co-owner of Franklin Yoga and yoga instructor for 32 years

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